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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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lose support from his party. that is our show for today. thank you for joining us. in the race ... >> i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart, and i will run to win. >> jed bush makes his bid for the white house official, trying to follow in the presidential footsteps of his father and brother most wanted - we watched and waited and struck when ready. the u.s. military puts a top al qaeda leader in the cross-hairs.
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did american air strikes put an end to a man thought to be uncatchable? zero tolerance. colorado's top court says it's okay for companies to fire workers who spoke pot, even though the state says marijuana use is legal. >> church abuse scandal. a u.s. archbishop resigns after his arch diocese is charged with covering up abuse. and the vatican indites another i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera. severe weather is heading for flood-ravaged texas. in just the last hour, a system churning turned into a tropical storm named bill. it could bring rain to areas trying to recover from flooding. meteorologist kevin corriveau has been tracking bill and joins
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us with the last thing that texas needs. >> that's what this storm will bring, rain. this is the storm system here it has increased in intensity. it will be a tropical storm when it makes landfall. here to the south of houston, along the coast, we'll see 7-8am landfall there. now, with this system. we may not see the system getting weaker because of what's called the ground ocean effect. it is so saturated to keep the storm sustained to keep it sustained as a storm. look at this to the south-west of dallas we are looking at a tropical depression expected in the region. the rain will be incredible out of the storm. we will not see the wind but
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will see precipitation. locally, rain down in houston, and to the south of dallas. we'll be watching it. flooding is exceptional in may. as i said rain falling across the region that is why so many watchers and warnings are out across the area. it only takes rain falling. to cause flash flood to happen. we are expecting more than that to happen across the region. >> the bush political dynasty is starting a new chapter. former president jed bush the son and brother, launched his 2015 presidential bid. bush wants to show case his own record, not his family legacy. >> in florida, monday, jed bush made it official. >> i have decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the announcement came at miami dad college. political diverse till was a key theme. mr bush attacked the administration outrage to cuba. >> we need an american president to go to havana. with free cuban people. i'm ready to be that president. >> he jabbed at hillary clinton. >> the presidency should not be passed from one liberal to the next. they took on rivals serving in the u.s. senate. >> we are not going to clean p clean up the mess in washington by electing the people that helped create it or are incapable of mixing it. >> jed bush is the son of gh w bush and younger brother of 43rd george w. bush. he unveiled a campaign logo with
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his first name onward. -- only. his mother attending, but his father and brother stayed away. >> not one of his deserves the job by resume family narrative. it's nobody's term it's everybody's test it's wide open. >> reporter: two years after his father left the white house, jed bush ran for florida governor in 1995 and lost. in eight years, his brother served as president. jed bush slashed the payroll and stopped taxes. since leaving the governor's mansion, mr bush had a luck rattive business career and his right to rise has brought in donations dealting 100 million,
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they'll take responsibility for all television advertising promoting mr bush, and attacking rivals it's an unusual arrangement. keeping jed bush going deep into the primaries. >> it begins here and now, and i'm asking for your vat. thank you. >> another breach of federal data to report tonight. in this case nearly 4 4u7bz,000 current and -- 400,000 current and government employees may have had information stolen. a key point government solution was the victim of a cyber attack. the breach discovered in september. separately a popular password protection service called last pass also announced today its security system had been hacked. it's been recommended that users change the master passwords. the pentagon has not confirmed whether a former al qaeda leader
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survived a u.s. air strike in libya. mokhtar belmokhtar has been among one of the most wanted men in the world and one of the most elusive. john terrett is in washington tonight. >> evening, the f-16s wept in at the weekend. the the u.s. can't say with any certainty whether they hit the main target, a man known in military circles as a gi hardists in north america with the nickname of the uncatchable. >> reporter: over the weekend u.s. war planes carried out an attack in eastern libya, the tart mokhtar belmokhtar, the leader of an al qaeda group in libya. >> we watched, waited and struck when ready. >> reporter: within hours the libyan government said that belmokhtar was dead. autopsies were going on. the white house was cautious
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monday. if mokhtar belmokhtar was not a household name until today, he is well-known. >> he has a long history leading terrorist activities as a member of aqim, he is an al qaeda-terrorist. and the operational leader of an organization in north-west africa. >> reporter: although the united states suspected him of being a leading jihadist, pinning anything on him proved to be a tall order. in early 2013 belmokhtar was blamed for leading an attack on a plant in algeria. three americans were killed. 700 algerian workers and 100 hostages killed. after the attack, belmokhtar claimed responsibility saying they did it for al-qaeda. by july, the u.s. had a $5 million price tag on mokhtar's head, charging him
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federal court with terrorism. the question remains, is he dead. belmokhtar killed so often. the french military coined a nickname, the untouched table. the united states with no boots on the ground in libya is attempting to work out who else might have been killed when the f-15 attacked as we go into the overnight hours, there's no word from libya on progress of the identification process. a senior defense official telling a.j.a.m. that they are looking for more than d.n.a. confirmation. no group has come forward to say that he is alive. a correction. the planes, f-15s, not f-16s. john terrett in london. the supreme court refused to allow a woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound.
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doctors would have to show a sonar gram and describe a foetus. the supreme court leaves in place a ruling finding the law unconstitutional marijuana may be legal for recreational use in colorado workers can be fired for smoking it off the clock. that was the ruling from the colorado supreme court. paul beban has more. >> reporter: branton coates struggles with daily task of the at 16 a car accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. now, 35, he depends on his nurse to dress him, feed him and to help him smoke pot every night to ease his debilitating pain. >> i usually grab a pinch. >> he needs someone to help him do it. there's no way for him to do it without someone. >> if i wasn't using the marijuana, i would be spasming so bad, i wouldn't be able to
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work. >> using weed is what cost him his job. in 2010 coates took and failed a random drug test and was fired as a customer representative at dish network. dish agrees that coates was not high on the job, but the company said in a statement: i would have his job for three years, that's how i paid my bills. i just lost it. my condition - it's not easy to get a job anyway. >> he sued the company, arguing under colorado law employees are protected for being fired for doing legal activities on their own time. >> medical and recreational marijuana are legal in marijuana. here is where it's tricky. the state supreme court ruled
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that because the drug is unlawful under federal law, it's not considered an illegal off-duty activity, he said in a statement that he is disappointed: a prison employee has pleaded not guilty to helping two convicted murderers break out of a ma'am mum security prison in u.s. state. joyce mitchell made a second court appearance charged with giving hacksaws and chisels to richard matt and david sweat, who have been on the run for 10 days. the men used the tools to cut through a steel wall at clinton correctional center. she agreed to be the getaway driver, but backed out the head of the n.a.a.c.p.
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is stepping down following the furore over her racial identity. rachel dolezal posted a message on facebook saying she would resign. her parents outed her saying she falsely portrayed herself as black for years. the n.a.a.c.p. released a statement after the resignation saying the group's focus must be an issues not individuals. animal rites activists are blurring the line between protest and harassment. >> going to their houses is going to the front door where they can't ignore are you. >> how they are taking their cause to private doors, and what the law says about that. >> the stance on climate change and those that deny it.
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an armed man is in critical condition after guards protecting a military base in arkansas shot him. the commander of the air force
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base in jacksonville said the man drove up to the front gate got out of his car with a rifle. guards at the base opened fire wounding him. the map's name has -- man's name has not been made public the parents of a gunman that opened fire outside dallas police headquarters say their son had a history of mental illness and instapibility. james bull ware's father said he had assaulted his mother in 2015 and he was distraught after losing custody of his gun. a police sniper killed him in minnesota, a roman catholic bishop and auxiliary bishop resigned posts after failing to protect children from a paedophile police. it came after the pope promised to crack down on bishops that turned a blind eye to abuse. >> this has been a painful
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process. >> the ring faces of archbishop and auxiliary bishop come 10 days offer prosecutors file criminal charges, for failing to respond to repeated reports of child sexual abuse. >> we will continue to do all that we gan to create -- we can to create safe environments to for all children and to bring just resolution to the claims for arch diocese. >> the investigation is continuing. despite the resignation. >> in a statement, he said the goals of our actions were to hold the arch diocese accountable. justice for the victims and community and to take appropriate steps to ensure that what we realing will never be repeated. during a deposition. the attorney-general grilled the archbishop about abuse in his
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parishes. >> for time reprimanded. punished demoted, or taking disciplinary action against a priest or official of the arch diocese, for their mishandling of child sexual abuse allegations. >> i don't believe so, no. >> do you belief you should have? >> no appeder son said the resignation is signs that the vatican and moving in the right direction. this move by the pope is action that is real and it can be a start. the holy seer has been under pressure to get tough. the pope announced a new tribunal. accused of ignoring sexual abuse in their parishes. the vatican says its former
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ambassador to the dominican republic will stand trial on sex abuse and child pornography. >> bishops, arch bish somes, cardinals and top officials now are seeing that they have to be accountable. as you heard, diane eastabrook reported that the vatican charged a former archbishop with child sex abuse. a prosecutor ordered a criminal trial for a one-time ambassador to the dominican republic, and he is accused of abusing children between 2008 and 2013. he was defrocked and remains under house arrest at the vatican. >> pope francis appears ready to call out climate change deniers. the hope is expected to release a document this week.
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in the document the pope criticizes those that deny humans caused climate change and called for steps to fight global warming and changes to manufacturing and energy consumption. >> 20 demonstrators were arrested in seattle after using kayaks to prevent an oil rig from leaving port. the kayak-tivists were protesting a drilling process. they say it's a top spill. the project will bring economic growth to the area. a bottle over animal rights raises questions about rites with the humans. activists were protesting plans for an animal testing labs. some took the protest to the homes of lab employees. animal rights protesters tart a home in a port land organ
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neighbourhood, disrupting the neighbourhood with chants. >> i think they should protest where they are building it, not in someone's neighbourhood. >> in this case the family of a region chief operating officer for the global construction company. it's the latest in a series of protests about what is happening at this construction site the the university of washington where a new underground animal research lab is being built. they won the construction contract. there has been protests, but activist targeted university officials and skanska employees. the point is to make them uncomfortable. >> what do you hope to do. >> ultimately going to their houses is going to the front door where they can't ignore you. >> four employees sued to keep the protesters away claiming in
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court documents that anonymous callers screamed at them over the phone. protesters came on to private property loitering near a mailbox and vehicle. all of this leaving them to feel intimidated and fear for safety. the wife of an employer saying she felt scared and trapped in my own home and worried about the safety you have my son. >> clearly first amendment protected. the judge got it wrong. >> the judge, in effect said you are harassing private individuals, stop doing that. >> effectively yes. there's a difference between harassment and public protest. >> a university administrator tells us the 123 million lab is a critically important upgrade. as the legal case over whether this is protected activity or illegal harassment winds on no one is backing down.
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>> they are building an underground animal research facility where thousands of animals were tortured and killed. >> they are justified in your mind. >> yes. >> and they continue. >> i expect that they will much. >> is it worth it going after this? >> absolutely. >> why is that? >> the building will be built on time and in budget. >> no question. >> no question about that. it's critical for the research program north carolina officials are urging swimmers to be on alert after two life-threatening shark attacks in shallow water. a 14-year-old lost her left arm and may lose her leg after a shark attacked sunday afternoon. two hours away, 90 minutes later, a 16-year-old boy lost his arm in an attack. both are in good condition. >> scientists that landed a robot on a comet thought the
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machine was dead. this morning they got a signal and a possible second chance at their history-making destination. after getting one air bag replaced. honda is learning their cars are part of
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honda is expanding its massive recall involving faulty air bags, the japanese auto making adding 1.4 million accords and civics to a long list of vehicles with potentially dangerous takada air backs, in this case on the passenger side. 2003 and 2006 accords are recalled along with 2001 through 2005 civic saidans. the devices an devoy without warning -- deploy without warping, spraying shrapnel in the car. all had been recalled for driver side air bags. gapp will close a quarter of its stores in an effort to turn around the struggling retailer.
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many jobs will be affected. 250 employees at headquarters will be laid off. gap factory and outlet locations will not be effected. >> the european space agency comet probe will resume work after seven months in hibernation. the lander sent data back to the earth for the first time since running out of power after it landed on a comet. it is trying to figure out what lies below the surface of the comet. jake ward has a closer look. >> the european space agency's plan was to set it down on comet 67 p last year, lock on to the surface and stay there in open sunlight sucking in power, conducting science, when it was expected the heat of the sun would burn the probe to death. instead the system for landing malfunctioned. it came in too hard. bounced and in that gravity, it
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bounced for hours. it wind up in shadow of some sompt meaning it wasn't getting the sunlight it needed. it blew through battery life. that was it. disaster. it was game over for a billion dollar mission. it was a happy accident. the lander survived the heat of the sun in the shadow taking refuge. since march of this year they have been turning on rosetta's receiver to listen, and this weekend they got lucky. scientists will reposition rosetta in the hopes of gathering scientific data from it. it will get more and more sunlight and power. there were a number of incidents on board. the first step is to use low-power ones. if that goes well, and there's
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enough power left over they try the stuff of drilling and hammering. the craft may be on its side which could make all of that impossible. we don't know yet. the plan is to get as much data off as possible. the comet is expected to pass so close to the sun, it's guaranteed to fry the lander once and for all. the decision will be to land the orit ber. they have a complete set of thrusters to land on the comet. whatever happens next when it should have been over a long time ago, this has been a lucky weekend for the scientists involved fascinating story. for the third time in six years. the chicago blackhawks are the n.h.l. stanley cup champions, beating the london knights, 2-0 capturing the series in six games, it's the 6th stanley cup. duncan keith is the consmith
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trophy winner, the fans are loving it. this is a live shot. thousands are celebrating in the streets i'm antonio mora thank you for joining us. for the latest news head to have a good night. today florida's former governor officially entered the presidential race a guy named john e bush. he's comfortable using his nickname jeb. over night. a big flashy presidential appearance was made in new york her name is hillary, she's with respect known, with virtually 100% name recognition. a lot of others announced they'd too like to be president. what two big names mean in the race for the